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Juror Brooks Jenson, publisher of Lenswork (Seattle WA) had this to say about the entries to this exhibit, the awards he gave, and the selection process itself:

"Visual artists always walk such a fine sword-edge - either nothing comes to mind and the creative well is dry, or it requires ten images to complete a "visual paragraph." That sword-edge where the highest demands are made is the creation of a single image that both enthralls and captures all at once and, even more difficult, continues to do so over time. I was reminded of this again in looking at the work in this exhibition and asked to select those images that I thought were "best." Best is, at best, a slippery concept in art. Add to that, the stated objective of this exhibition relative to the "shoulder of giants" (as Tim put it - see Prospectus), and I found this work both a challenge and a great deal of fun to enjoy. There were at least ten images that I kept coming back to over and over again, and liked different ones as my mood changed, as I looked more deeply, as they haunted my mind's eye when away from the computer. Too bad it is necessary to select just one winner, but that was the assignment, so that is the result.

Best of Show - Empty Lot
by Adam Kuehl

"Empty Lot by Adam Kuehl was not my first choice, but it insisted that I pay more attention. It called me, it captured me. I still cannot say what there is about this simple image that draws me in -- the subtle yet dominant sky coloration; the composition of the roof lines leading my eye up and left while the single powerline leads me back and in; the symmetrical non-symmetry; the rectangular ellipses dots across the building walls. All these compositional elements work together, but there is an audible stillness that brings me to the edge of my seat, makes me lean in with anticipation, quickens my heart. Over the course of a week, this image rose to the top and, for me, was the peak emotional moment in the exhibition. I choose it "Best of Show."

Honorable Mention - Storm Clouds
by Michael Levin

"Storm Clouds by Michael Levin is, first, a gorgeous image. The reversal of tones with the dark sky and light foreground is heavenly. The single perpendicular focal point is perfectly place and timed at the end of that white slit of a line coming in from the left side. Perfectly balanced, perfect tones, perfect harmonies -- it is a Michael Kenna work that I know even Michael Kenna would be proud of. Under normal circumstances it would have been easy for me to discount this as too Kenna-esque for its own good, but the purpose of this exhibition was to pay homage to one's influences. In this case, the compliment Levin pays to Kenna is so exquisite and so perfect that it simply has to be mentioned with honor."

"I was supposed to stop here, but I simply cannot. There are some great images here that the photographers need to know are simply wonderful: Crossing the Street in Snow by Marcus Kazmierczak is such a fine tribute to Cartier-Bresson (and Stieglitz); Night Trees by Robert Levin (Kenna again); Belfast Boat by Al Olson; Draft by Andy Frazer; Untitled XIX by Michael Reinders (Robert Adams is drooling); Street 07 and Shadow 01 by Teric Farmer; and Palo Alto Parking Lot by Edward West (which reminds me so much of the church at Taos!) Congratulations to all, mentioned and unmentioned. I am inspired by your work to walk about at night with my camera and I am not sure I can think of a higher compliment to you all."

Brook Jensen
Editor, Lenswork Publishing

Curator's Choice - Three at Mark's Castle II
by Joe Reifer

"Resembling a history painting from another time and place, this image struck me on first viewing - and then stuck with me throughout the 'building' of this show - so it's the Curator's Choice! From the ambiguous location and the mysterious actions portrayed, to the stage-like quality - all make us wonder: What is happening here?"

Tim Baskerville
Curator/Founder, The Nocturnes

Congrats to Adam, Joe, and Michael and all the people who participated in this exhibit - there easily could have been more award-winners - but "them's the rules!"

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To see what we might have been looking for read the original Prospectus for this show.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Best of Show

Empty Lot
by Adam Kuehl (MIchigan) ©2005

Honorable Mention

Storm Clouds
by Michael Levin (Vancouver, BC) ©2004

Curator's Choice

Three at Mark's Castle II
by Joe Reifer (Berkeley, CA) ©2004