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This is Not Your Father's Nocturne May 2005


Gregoire Cheneau

Ivan Dryer

Tom Egan

Teric Farmer

Andy Frazer

Joe Gurkoff

Marcu Kazmierczak

Robert Kerwin

Adam Kuehl

Michael Levin

Al Olson

Joe Reifer

Michael Reinders

Jamie Reynolds

Deb Rourke

Alexander Rubin

Allen Russ

Bob Trempe

John Vias

Edward West

"If I have achieved anything, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton

Welcome to The Nocturnes History Show!

Michael Kenna referred to the above quotation by Isaac Newton when asked once about who were the influential photographers in his life, pointing out that: ". . . many creative people are compilations of influences, wedded to some aspect of their own uniqueness. Few work in a vacuum." This exhibition of Night Photography, drawing upon those influences that inform all our work, was intended as part homage, part self-assignment, part critique. We asked the photographers to submit work that either directly or indirectly revealed the photographers or other artists who acted as influences upon them.

Palo Alto Parking Lot
Edward West ©2004

Brooks Jensen of Lenswork acted as Juror for this exhibit, and he really had his work cut out for him! This exhibit was a difficult one to curate and judge, drawing as it did with two parallel criteria - the work needed to stand on its own as an image, as well as fulfill the historical reference. What we saw emerge from this, was a fine balance of these two elements - too much of one, and the image becomes something else, entirely - or as Brooks noted: "Dicey territory, this!"

One notable thing we did dfferently for this show, was to include the stated refences that people indicatd - you'll find those on each artist page, along with the title. We hope this makes your visit to our little "History Show" enlightening, and enjoyable.

Be sure to visit NightTalk, the message board of The Nocturnes, and let us know what you thought of this exhibition.

After Eggleston
John Vias ©2005

Ferry Docks
Michael Levin ©2004

Street Lights in the Snow
Marcus Kazmierczak ©2004

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