Tim Baskerville Photography
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San Francisco 94129

Car No.1040, San francisco (19xx) Reflections

Car No. 130, San Francisco (1914)

Public Transit, Private Reflections
An early exhibit of F-Line work at University of San Francisco's Art Gallery, February 1996.

On Reflection

"The various definitions of the verb reflect are divided along two lines, transitive and intransitive. On one side, reflect is described in terms of matter, science, and the throwing back and bending of light waves upon objects. The other, more soulful, abstract definition involves contemplation, serious thought, and the subsequent words that are representative of those processes. Words and Images."

"That is what I think William Kennedy is driving at in his essay, Riding the Yellow Trolley Car, in which he equates a surrealistic vision of an elusive yellow trolley car from the past with the writing of fiction, of creativity. Further, he goes on to acknowledge that the impetus for the writing of fiction and journalism was in fact, the same. So too, the words and images I have collected here document a "day-to-day" aspect of our lives (and past lives), as well as reflect a more timeless, universal vision. Reflections of light upon metal, glass, and aged wood; private thoughts pondered upon in a quiet, clear space with soft north light. The commonplace and the transformative. Science and Art. Words and Images. 'The best of both worlds,' if you will."

Tim Baskerville
February 1996