"Night News" - an occasional missive from the darkness
Vol.5 No.4

"I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
Alive as you and me.
Says I "But Joe, you're 10 years dead."
"I never died" says he.
"I never died" says he."

-"Joe Hill" (words by Alfred Hayes, 1938)
Sung by Paul Robeson, Joan Baez, The Bluebells et al.

To learn more about "The Words, Music and Influence of Joe Hill"
visit - http://www.pbs.org/joehill/voices/article.html

Friends of The Nocturnes,

This Labor Day finds us (and a lot of the local art and design community, we imagine) reflecting on the need (and hazards) of direct action - see CALL TO ACTION below. On a more pleasant note, as summer winds down, we are drawn into a season that traditionally is, for all of us at The Nocturnes, our busiest time of year. This year certainly seems no different in that regard - Workshops, another Photo Camp on Angel Island, Exhibits, Book Releases, Open Studios, and a return to the desert. So, let's get started, shall we?

Twenty-one artists participate in "Studio Nocturne," hosted by The Nocturnes, at Fort Mason as part of SF Open Studios, October 18-19, 2003. Go to our interim Web page - www.thenocturnes.com/studionocturne.htm - and be sure to return in the weeks preceding this exciting, annual event - there is a serious update for the page due any day now!

The 'march of the Dream Dates' continues! Work from the "Dream Date" series by Tim Baskerville appears at the following venues:

Long Beach Arts (www.long-beach-arts.org), August 2-30, juried by Joan Hugo, who recently wrote the foreword to Nocturne Tom Paiva's book, "Industrial Night."

California Fine Arts, part of the California State Fair and Exposition (www.bigfun.org), August 15 to September 1, 2003

International Juried Exhibition, sponsored by The World Council for Arts and Culture, September 27 to November 16, 2003, Herbst International Exhibition Hall, Presidio of San Francisco.

San Francisco Open Studios Exhibition (www.sfopenstudios.com), SomArts Gallery. October 4-26, open daily. Reception for the Artists: October 3, 2003, 5:30-8:30pm. 934 Brannan, San Francisco.

We are happy to announce that the Prospectus for our latest online exhibit of Night Photography - "Surrealistic Nocturne" - is now in place at www.thenocturnes.com/surrealnocturne.htm - judged by noted curator Michael S. Bell (www.visualartaccess.com). As you all know, Tim has many times pointed out the strong connection between surrealism and night photography (as evidenced by his often-quoted statement on our home page) so we thought it about time to devote a show to the study of that idea. "Surrealistic Nocturne" will explore the linkage between the Surrealists (with their various manifestos) and the natural inclination of night photographers to transform the everyday, the 'ever-seen,' the mundane, the industrial sites ('readymades') into works of art.

As many of you know, UC Berkeley is closing its Laguna Street Extension campus in San Francisco (where Steve Harper, Michael Kenna, Todd Hido, and other noted Nocturnists have taught, and where Tim Baskerville currently teaches) as of December 31, 2003. Many of the Instructors, Students, and Staff are concerned about the ultimate fate of various programs there, particularly the Certificate in Photography program, not to mention the loss of a noted community landmark (two full city blocks in the geographical center of San Francisco!). There is a sense that "the powers that be" believe, in this wonderful age of the 'digital darkroom' that a traditional, 'wet' darkroom is no longer needed for the study of photography. There is also a fear that programs for the arts in general, are at risk - always a concern, it seems. There is a group of students, darkroom personnel, and instructors forming to protest this action and to investigate alternatives to save this invaluable cultural, educational and community resource. One plan is to gather signatures of concerned students, community, etc. and present that to the Dean, and Vice-Provost (among others) in Berkeley by the end of September. The deadline to gather the signatures of supporters of this movement is September 25, 2003. We have provided a PDF link - http://www.thenocturnes.com/nighttalk/messages/1412.html - on NightTalk, our message board, that you can print out and distribute for signatures. It includes a little history of the Photography Program at UC Berkeley Extension. Be sure to send any acquired signatures back to us by Sept 24 (so we can deliver them on the 25th). Call 415-824-1653 and we can pick up signed forms, or mail to us at: Pacific Media Arts / PO Box 590161 / SF CA 94159. Visit NightTalk for the start of a thread discussing this action by the University of California -


- and check back to NightTalk for more information as it develops OR contribute your own ideas, reactions - "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

Tom Paiva and Tim Baskerville conduct their first four-night San Francisco Workshop on Spetember 5, 6, 7, and 13, 2003. With a full complement of attendees (10), this promises to be a great workshop. Visit www.thenocturnes.com/sfo2.htm for more details.

Returning to UC Berkeley for a moment - Tim's 10-week course is filling up fast - it starts Friday, September 12. It might well be your last chance to take a class and photograph at this campus - consider it your personal pledge to support fine art education at UC Berkeley - you can register online at http://www.unex.berkeley.edu/cat/021816.html

Time to sign up for our return to Death Valley in November. The last two trips (November 2002 and March 2003) were great - Tom Paiva (www.tompaiva.com) was along with us on both trips, and will try to be there this November 7-9, as well. Visit http://www.thenocturnes.com/deathvalley2.htm to register. You can also have a look at - http://www.thenocturnes.com/deathvalley2002/index.htm - for some work done on those trips!

Goodnight news - Kevin Hunsanger of historic Green Apple Books delivered a glowing review of Troy Paiva's new book, "Lost America" on radio station KFOG (104.5 here in SF, 97.7 San Jose, kfog.com on the Web). He talked for quite a while, in his usual book-talk segment, leading with the review of Troy's book, calling it "The most beautiful and exciting photography book I've seen in quite some time." he went on to explain a little about the all important moon cycles and the rigorous driving plan that Troy faithfully follows, as well as some of his light-painting techniques. Not only that, toward the end, The Nocturnes even got a mention! - Hunsanger excitedly relating that: "This is actually a really neat group - Troy's a member of a Bay Area Group called The Nocturnes, which is a group of Night Photographers - and the books are starting to come out right now. It's really an exciting group of people and they're doing beautiful work - so look for this group!" This amid the morning commute, falling nicely on the ears and minds of upwards of 200,000 listeners.

We recently received a review copy of Andrew Sanderson's most recent book, titled succinctly enough: "Night Photography." We had just missed reviewing this important new text by only a few days in our last newsletter. It has since been added to the top of our BACKLIST - www.thenocturnes.com/backlist.htm - and Tim has a few things to mention about the work, which he has added to the reading list for his UC Berkeley Extension class. Tim notes that: "Sanderson's text, while dealing predominantly with black and white night photography, and putting a lot of emphasis (appropriately, I believe) on the problem of contrast control, has a lot to offer all Nocturnists (working with black and white, color, digital), concentrating, as it does, on the 'basics.' With lots of helpful hints - from what time of year is good to photograph at night, and what film format is good to use for night work, to what to pack in your camera bag - this text is a must-have for the serious Nocturne! It also includes a lot of charts and special recipes for b/w development. In addition, the reader is treated to many excellent images from Sanderson's portfolio - all done in the North of England, where he lives." See LIBRARY NOTES below for more information on this book.

Michael Kenna's work from Japan appeared in the August issue of "Black and White Photography," a British publication.

The Matthew Lennert (www.matthewdonovanlennert.com) book of black and white night photography, with a foreward by Tim Baskerville is due for release in late September. And, look for a review of this book by a 'card-carrying' Nocturne in a future issue of NightNews!

Tim's first interview with Michael Kenna (Camera Darkroom, July 1995) is to be re-published in its entirety online at www.tryst3.com. The editor of the 'zine says that in the current article, which features work from Japan, she wanted to showcase not only Kenna's work, but his vision, ideas, views and personality - which Tim captured so well in the interview.

Our semi-annual AlumNight event was recently held at the San Francisco Photography Center. Presenters Andy Frazer ("Digital vs. Film") and Paul Snowdon (B/W Compensating Development") did a great job of presenting technical material - we look forward to updates from these two!

A quick reminder - the annual Angel Island Photo Camp event is coming up October 10. Open to Alumni only (and you know who you are!) - email us for the specifics as they become available. This special event has a limited number of slots (we may have to hold a lottery), and will fill up fast again this year, so you need to make your interest known . . . workshop@thenocturnes.com

Recent Acquisitions
Ghost Ranch: Land of Light, Janet Russek and David Scheinbaum. Balcony Press, 1997. ISBN 0-9643119-8-4
Weston's Westons: Califonria and the West, Karen Quinn and Theodore Stebbens. Museum of Fina Arts, Boston, 1994. ISBN 0-8212-2143-4
Bravo 20: The Bombing of the American West, Richard Misrach. John Hopkins University Press, 1990. ISBN 0-8018-4065-1
Washington by Night, Volkmar Wentzel. Starwook Publishing, 1992. ISBN I-56373-019-7
Alvin Langdon Coburn, Aperture #104. The Aperture Foundation, 1986. ISBN 0-89381-222-6
Got a Revolution: The Turbulent Flight of Jefferson Airplane, Jeff Tamarkin. Atria Books, 2003. ISBN 0-671-03403-0
The Big Dig at Night, Stephen SetteDucati. Silver Lining Books, 2001. ISBN 0-7607-2689-2
1000 Days of Revolution: The Beatles Final Years, Mojo Limited Edition. Emap Metro Ltd., 2003. #M30858
Beyond Wilderness, Aperture #120. The Aperture Foundation, 1990. ISBN 0-89381-447-4
Nightwork by Mary Kocol, Thomas Tulis, Aperture #130. The Aperture Foundation, 1993. ISBN 0-89381-529-2
Summer 2003, Aperture #171. The Aperture Foundation, 2003. ISBN 0-931788-17-0

Recent Acquisitions
Feast of Wire, by Calexico. 2003 Quarterstick records #QS78
Chimera, by Delerium. 2003 Nettwerk Productions #0-6700-30306-0-1

This concludes this edition of "Night News." As always, this and past issues of "Night News" are accessible at http://www.thenocturnes.com/nitenews.htm. And, let's just remember that "From San Diego up to Maine / In every mine and mill / Where working-folk defend their rights / It's there you'll find Joe Hill." And, ". . . let's be careful out there."

Susan Nichols

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