San Francisco Full Moon Night Photography Workshop
with Tim Baskerville

Dates: Friday May 24, Saturday May 25, and Sunday May 26, 2013
Times: 7pm until late; classroom sessions are from 7pm-10pm
Tuition: $600 - due by May 20, 2013
Instructors: Tim Baskerville (see The Nocturnes' Gallery section for examples of his work)
Location: Fort Mason Center, The Presidio of San Francisco, Marin Headlands

This comprehensive 3-night course is held over one weekend at locations in Fort Mason Center, the historic Presidio of San Francisco, and in the Marin Headlands - all in the San Francisco
Bay Area.

The first meeting is held on Friday at Fort Mason Center and includes an overview of recently published "night work," as well as classic reference texts, and hard to find out-of-print monographs. This session also features a slide show outlining the long history of Night Photography, focusing on famous practioners, as well as equally important, though lesser-known, pioneers of this exciting genre of photography, and a discussion of "Why you photograph at night?"

In addition to these areas of general interest, there is a lengthy discussion of technical considerations, and students are encouraged to bring previous work done nocturnally for evaluation. Tim will discuss in depth some prints of his on display - many done on-site in the GGNRA - to aid participants in their immediate 'foray' into the dark, with emphasis on the "mixed" lighting situations that one finds while working at night, as well as tips to "mixing" your own varied light sources, and the in-camera "dodging" technique of controlling the overall contrast of a night scene on film, or with digital cameras.

Finally, several hours (or as late as participants want to stay out photographing) will be spent shooting the architecture, rolling hills, and waterfront areas around Fort Mason.

Saturday night, after a second class session, will be spent photographing in San Francisco's newest National Park, the historic Presidio of San Francisco. The third night we photograph on location in the Marin Headlands, mostly under the illumination of the Full "Flower" Moon.

Emphasis will be on evaluating existing lighting situations and exposing accordingly. Supplemental lighting possibilities, such as "light-painting," will be discussed and demonstrated. Digital NPy. as well as the use of transparency, b/w, color negative films, will be discussed and compared. This is an intensive workshop limited to 12 participants who will be closely supervised on location.

Students will provide their own equipment and are expected to be familiar with basic photographic techniques. A Suggested Equipment list will be provided upon receipt of payment. Accommodation assistance and tourist information is available.

PayPal available - contact us for details/ alternate email address to use for transaction.

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