T h e mP a n o c t u r n i s t s

Image by Jack Fisher ©2008-9

pan·o·ram·a [pan- + Greek horma, sight]
1. An unbroken view of an entire surrounding area.
2. A comprehensive presentation; a survey: a panorama of American literature.
3. A picture or series of pictures representing a continuous scene, often exhibited a part at a time by being unrolled and passed before the spectator.
4. A mental vision of a series of events.

1. a specialist hospital-based doctor who only works overnight.[NOTE: should probably be spelled 'nocternist’ - a combination of nocturnal and internist]
2. although first described in literature by Aman D. Sabharwal, MD in The Hospitalist
in 2005, we know that The Nocturnes were using the term earlier (maybe as early as 2002) to address participants in our Workshop Series, and later (and more generally) simply photograpers who prefer to work at night.

The Nocturnes.com invites all interested artists to enter our latest online Night Photography Exhibition, The Panocturnists. This competition is open to all Night Photographers (NPrs), all photo media - digital, pinhole, glass plate, film cameras - all are fine with us! We ask only that your submissions represent a broadened vision of our world at night, and your final outcome would normally be a fine photographic print - b/w, color, alternative, fuzzy focus, whatever - presenting mysterious, border-stretching nocturnal panoramas. Also, submit only seamless panos, please (see panorama, definition #1 above) - no diptychs or triptychs this time around - we have plans for a future show exploring those more traditional approaches, formats, and presentations in depth.

Basically, a panorama is any wide view of a physical space. It can be in any of a number of aspect ratios - at least 2:1, mostly likely 3:1 or 4:1 (and beyond) - as an entry into the world of the panoramic (for reference, the above image by Jack Fisher runs approximately 3.5:1). It has also come to refer to a wide-angle representation of such a view — tho' that is not necessarily a requirement.

An Irish painter, Robert Barker, first coined the term to describe his panoramic paintings of Edinburgh in 1792. Panoramic photography is nearly as old as the medium of photography itself - shortly after the Daguerreotype was introduced (1839), photographers began assembling multiple images of a view into a single wide image and soon photography displaced painting as the most common method for creating these wide views.

So what is becoming of a Post-Modern Panocturnist?"

The Panocturnist is devoted to bringing into sharp focus (no, make that clear emphasis - for the panorama can be "fuzzy" or dark at the edges) the space just beyond our human field of view - approximatley 160° by 75° - and all it can offer. He or she, in keeping with the aesthetic of all good NPy, likes to show us what we don't normally see, whether it be blurred by our own myopic peripheral vision, or simply a lack of sufficient light. As with many of our previous exhibitions, we believe this is a great opportunity to tell a story - in fact, whereas a non-panoramic image might be likened to a short story, or a Holga image to an impressionistic haiku; the panorama, with its epic proportions might be considered the novel of the Night Photography world.

Stilll pondering what gets packed into a panorama? For inspiration, you might have a look at these sites:
Chris Faust - http://chrisfaustphoto.com/
Arnaud Frich - http://www.arnaudfrichphoto.com/english-version/main-menu.htm
Aaron Hobson - http://www.aaronhobson.com/

You might also take a peek at the online exhibit area of The Nocturnes Web site, specifically the immediate predecessor to this exhibit, Blue Nocturne (one of our best, we think) - http://www.thenocturnes.com/exhibits/bluenocturne.html - or one of our other, theme-driven offerings, like Town and Country - http://www.thenocturnes.com/exhibits/tc.html - OR - The Nocturnes: Not ready to Make Nice - http://www.thenocturnes.com/exhibits/nrtmn.html for an idea of what we might be looking for, and how we handle the presentation.

With all this in mind, let's see what we can come up with for The Panocturnists, shall we? You do not have to be of the landscapist school of imaging, tho' the format certainly lends itself to the interpretation of that genre. Techinically tho' it does have to stick to the rather broad definition of a panoramric photograph given above: an image that is much wider than tall (by a degree of 2, 3, or 4, or more to 1).

Entry Fee and Deadline
There is no limit to the number of pieces submitted per artist. Entry Fee (glad we don't charge by the pixel, on this one?!): $25 for up to 3 entries; each additional entry is $5. Postmarked dates for entries are NOT acceptable for this competition - we will need to RECEIVE your 'hard copy' of entry form and fee by January 30, 2010! Please NOTE: Entries from outside the U.S. should be sent well in advance of the January 30, 2010 deadline, as international mail deliveries are often delayed up to a week or two.

Exhibition Dates:
Exhibition runs from February 15 through March 30, 2010. Accepted work will then reside in a developing archive of nocturnal imagery on The Panocturnists Web site after
the exhibition closes - available to NPrs and those interested in Night Photography (NPy), worldwide. This differs a bit from our previous online exhibitions, in that this one has its own domain and is designed to become a separate, self-sustaining site - a resource for Panocturnists world-wide, and those who love Panoramic NPy - providing much the same community-based focus and support as The Nocturnes Night Photography group and
Web site (www.thenocturnes.com).

What to send:
Send jpeg files at 72-100 dpi named appropriately for the Web: 8 letters-dot-3 letter extension (e.g.- niteshot.jpg) all lowercase letters. For the particular circumstance of this show, the size should be no greater than 1000 pixels in the longest dimension - and PLEASE let us know if you plan to submit VERTICAL panos - we are still trying to figure out how to accommodate them (maybe a limit of 800 pixels tall . . .) - let us know if you're thinking of submitting any extreme verticals . . .

If you send images via snail mail, use lots of protective cardboard for shipping disk - we accept CDs of your images ONLY via USPS. An even better alternative is to send us the URL of images that are already on a web page (a Flickr account would work - tho' it's a few extra steps at this end, unless you've enable 'download' on the Flickr site), and we can 'retrieve' those images (your personal Web site would be the best source for us to do this); then you can easily FAX (or snail-mail) in your entryform with payment information. As you might have gathered, we are trying to avoid a flood of emails and haphazard, ineffective attachments being sent to The Panocturnists site.

Two (2) Awards will be awarded at the discretion of the Awards Juror, Chris Faust - a Best of Show and an Honorable Mention; and the amount of prize money awarded is dependent on the number of entries received and selected for exhibition. The final jurying will be done from a preliminary selection of works by members of The Nocturnes.

Sales will be encouraged - No Commission taken for any of our online exhibits - and direct links to artist sites or emails will be provided. Artwork remains Copyright of the participating artists. Pages on the Web site are Copyright, The Nocturnes, and Pacific Media Arts. The exhibit, The Panocturnists is Copyright Pacific Media Arts and The Nocturnes NPy Web site.

Please print all pages of this form, fill them out (keeping a copy for your records)
and mail with appropriate fee (to be RECEIVED by January 30, 2010) to:

The Panocturnists - an Exhibit
TheNocturnes.com / Pacific Media Arts
PO Box 29074
Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129
707-644-4073 fax

ENTRY FORM: The Panocturnists
(print, fill out and forward with entry fee to Pacific Media Arts)

City/State/Country/Postal Code:
URL: (where artwork is to be found)


File #1 - Filename: (e.g.- wideshot.jpg)
File #1 - Title of artwork/Year created: (e.g.- "Panoramic Nocturne #2")
File #1 - Photo Medium/Print Dimensions/Price:

File #2 - Filename:
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Include nonrefundable Entry Fee: $25 (US Dollars) for up to 3 entries; additional entries are $5 each

Check#: ______ Payable to Pacific Media Arts

Credit Card: Visa _____ Mastercard _____ Amount: ________________

Credit Card Number: ________________________________________

Expiration: _____ / _____ Name on Card: _______________________

Zip Code corresponding to Credit Card: _________________________

Authorized Signature: _______________________________________

Note that "Pacific Media Arts" will appear as the payee on your Credit Card statement.

Number of disks ______ enclosed. Disks will NOT be returned.

Photographic Experience / Interest in Night Photography:




How did you learn about this online exhibition? Previous show?
Specify by name if Craigslist.org, Artist Resource Web site, Artweek or other publication,
The Nocturnes Web site, other NPy Web site, a poster in retail outlet, or other.
When did you first discover The Nocturnes?




Would you be interested if this (or another) show were presented in a more traditional
"bricks and white walls' venue (probably in the San Francisco Bay area).
Any suggestions?




Receipt of this completed, signed entry form or any materials, files, etc.
constitutes your agreement with the conditions set forth in this prospectus.


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