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Juror Pete Zivkov ( had this to say about the entries to this exhibit, the awards he gave, and the selection process itself: More commentary, critiques of some individual images here.

Best of Show - Apres-Punk #1
by Roger Krueger

"This image grabbed my attention and did not let my imagination rest. The zombie-like figures, the muted color, tilted frame and dark corners give it a palpable feeling of mystery and danger. This is not an ordinary night-time photo . . . It carries a kind of emotional weight and probably took some courage to make by the photographer. It is a powerful image which engages us with these people who are lost or trapped in this hellish urban landscape."






Honorable Mention - Urban Elephant
by Adam Kuehl

"I chuckled with unexpected surprise and delight when I first saw this image. It is beautiful, whimsical, and quite surreal. The carefully balanced composition, daytime-like lighting, and animal's position atop the greenery, tell an intriguing and magical story of this particular city elephant."

Pete Zivkov
Pacific Art League, Pete's Tech Tower, Palo Alto, CA




Curator's Choice - SF / Joshua Tree
by Manu Schnetzler

"We agree with Pete's additional comments on the color matching in this image, the mirror imaging of urban enirionment and wilderness, and particlarly like the way the artist turned the "diptych" on its head!"

Tim Baskerville
Curator/Founder, The Nocturnes

Congrats to Roger, Adam, and Manu and all the people who participated in this exhibit - there easily could have been more award-winners - but "them's the rules!"

As always, you can visit NightTalk, the message board of The Nocturnes, and let us know what you thought of this exhibit.

To see what we might have been looking for read the original Prospectus for this show.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Best of Show

Apres-Punk #1
by Roger Krueger (San Diego, CA) ©2005

Honorable Mention

Urban Elephant
by Adam Kuehl (Savannah, Georgia) ©2005

Curator's Choice

S.F. / Joshua Tree
by Manu Schnetzler (San Francsico, CA) ©2005