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Best of Show

"All the World's a Stage"
by Paul Weiner (Massachusetts)

"When two or more disparate aspects of time or space are depicted in the same image naturalistically (i.e. veristically), then the only possible result is Surrealist. There are three families of Surrealism: Classical (historical), Visionary (spiritual) and Social (political). Surrealism has been and still is misnamed many other things by the art history cartel whose main, though at this point largely subconscious, aim is to bolster non-objective abstraction. "All the World's a Stage" and "Untitled" are excellent examples of Classical Surrealism."

Honorable Mention

by Jackie Alpers (Arizona)

"In reviewing the work presented I was struck by how difficult it must have been to create a true Surrealist image in the photography medium. Since photography records that which is before the camera, a certain degree of manipulation must be added for the work to reach the Surreal level, yet without reaching over into a depiction of another pre-existing image; e.g. making a photograph of a Surrealist painting or sculpture. Added to this constraint was the element of nocturne, which is in itself among the most challenging of all imagery artists ever attempt. What makes Surrealism stand apart from every other form of art is that its subjects CANNOT possibly occur anywhere else in nature."

Michael S. Bell, Curator
Visual Art Access


"Carrot Palms"
by Ron Becijos

Picking one for this award was very hard this time! But, "Carrot Palms" by Ron Becijos (of Southern California) was our final choice. Was this done down Death Valley way, Ron? Congrats to you.

Tim Baskerville, Curator
Surrealistic Nocturne


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