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Best of Show

Seven White Sticks
by Jan Halle

"Music is essentially a mathematical science - even jazz with its recurring riffs and soulful utterances can be broken down into a measurable pattern. I think that is what drew me to the very nicely composed image "Seven Sticks" What made the image come together in a musical sense is the broken syncopation - the stick lying down - and the fact that the tip of each "note" is red, signifying heat, the underlying soul of jazz."

Honorable Mention

Play Misty for Me
by Ivan Dryer

"This image appears to have been taken on a very misty night, therefore softening its focus, creating a mood that almost demands that you think of the background music seeping out onto that saturated atmosphere. It is more representative of the soulful feeling of jazz."

Honorable Mention

Northern Dawn
by Mike Klensch (U.S.)

"This is a beautifully composed image. (Left)

"The mysterious "Heavenly" atmosphere is soaring. I've known jazz to do that to your spirit with such transcendance, especially if you had a drink or two!"

Curator's Choice
Hard to pick one here - so there are two this time around!

Jazz Drummer,
Jazz Plaza International Festival, Havana

by Jennifer Accettola

The image, with its sculptural qualities and vivid nod to abstract expressionism (a movement that coincided with the rise of modern Jazz) was the first one to grab my eye amidst a field of excellent entries. A brilliant piece among many worthy 'light sculptures!' "

Jazz Impressions
by C. Sarnoff

"This image has everything going for it: mood, shadow, spontaneity, warm tones, and movement Within the confines of a narrow, back-alley doorway, it exquisitely represents 'space over time,' a corollary to one of Night Photography's (and indeed all photography) basic tenets: 'light over time.' "

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