A Little Night Music...
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Best of Show

Natasa Radovic (Italy)

What Stu had to say: ". . . excellent composition with numerous planes of light and image . . . in this image, I can hear the music."

Honorable Mention

Goes to this image, accompanied by a lyric by Tom Waits (" . . . a tear falls from my cheek/there's gonna be an ocean in the middle of the week . . .")
by Carol Henry of San Francisco, California.

". . . an evocative image where the graininess of the image enhanced the slow feel"

Honorable Mention

Orchestral Abandon
to the Tune of the Moon
by Candice Kollar of San Francisco, California.

"I enjoyed the chances taken - with the diamond shape and the unusual composition."

Honorable Mention

to Christian Waeber (Boston) for this mysterious piece, accompanied by a quote: "Filling the Darkeness. . ." from Les Miserables.

"I do like this image."

Honorable Mention

Goes out to Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Bangkok, Thailand ) for this untitled work

". . . lots of motion and good design feature."