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Three selections were chosen for awards in the "All along the Lee Shore . . ." exhibit - one Best of Show and two Honorable Mentions. All dealt with one of the primary aspects of what a
Lee Shore represents - either an enticement to safe harbor OR indeed, the opposite - a drifing toward what could ultimately spell danger and destruction - the dark side.

Most of the work in this exhibit alluded to one or the other of these two basic themes, discussed in our Prospectus,
- but only a few managed to incorporate both themes into any one single piece. The image selected here as Best of Show did just that - and very successfully, we think!

Best of Show:

Waking At Ocean's Side

by John Ritchie

In this image, John seamlessly conveys the dual message of the warmth of the home fire, as well as the cold, forboding sea. It's almost like we can make out an image of a shipwreck in the cold, icy-blue waters crashing on the shore! As Susan pointed out: "This image draws us in - across the cold sea and rocky shore to the warmth of fire and safety."

Honorable Mention:

Ventura After Dark

by Kerstin Nelson

The warm glow of safe harbor and civilization, along side of the three spots of light on the horizon draw us into this beatiful panoramic image.

Honorable Mention:

Wave Upon Wave

by Teresa Kirby Smith

With recent news items etched in our collective psyche - of pirates, tropical storms, and tsanamis - this image really 'speaks' to us of the fragile relationship between shore and sea, of the power and the danger.


Your Choices / Thoughts
For participants and viewers alike - Be sure to drop by The Nocturnes NPy Blog - where we posted an announcement this weekend - and leave a comment or two (we're sure you'll have some!) re: this exhibit.

And, to see what we might have been looking for read the original Prospectus for this show.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Tim Baskerville
Susan Nichols

Best of Show

Waking At Ocean's Side
by John Ritchie (Oregon) ©2011

Honorable Mention

Ventura After Dark
by Kerstin Nelson (California) ©2011

Honorable Mention

Wave Upon Wave by Teresa Kirby Smith (Bermuda) ©2011