Embarcadero Nocturne

January 2 - February 28, 2005 at South Beach Cafe, 800 Embarcadero at Townsend
January 4 - February 19 at Fort Mason Center, Bldg. 'A,' Administrative offices
January 6 - February 28 at Four Embarcadero Center, street-level Storefront
(Note - this is a sampling: not all work in the exhibit is shown here;
and not all pieces are installed at each venue)

Andy Frazer_01 David Callen_01 Deb Rourke_01 Debbie Ames_01 Ethel Jimenez
Andy Frazer_01.jpg David Callen_01.jpg Deb Rourke_01.jpg Debbie Ames_01.jpg Ethel Jimenez.jpg
Fred Chang Howie Spielman_02 Howie Spielman_04 John Monore_06 John Monroe_02
Fred Chang.jpg Howie Spielman_0... Howie Spielman_0... John Monore_06.jpg John Monroe_02.jpg
John Monroe_07 John Monroe_09 John Monroe_10 John Vias_03 John Vias_04
John Monroe_07.jpg John Monroe_09.jpg John Monroe_10.jpg John Vias_03.jpg John Vias_04.jpg
Kyo Suayan_10 Kyo Suayan_16 Manu Schnetzler_02 Manu Schnetzler_04 Marc Babsin_01
Kyo Suayan_10.jpg Kyo Suayan_16.jpg Manu Schnetzler_... Manu Schnetzler_... Marc Babsin_01.jpg
Max Davis Mike Quinn_02 Mike Quinn_03 Mike Quinn_04 Nancy Piotrowski_01
Max Davis.jpg Mike Quinn_02.jpg Mike Quinn_03.jpg Mike Quinn_04.jpg Nancy Piotrowski...
Peter Amendt_01 Randy Gunning_01 Susanne Friedrich_01 Tim Baskerville_01 Tim Baskerville_02
Peter Amendt_01.jpg Randy Gunning_01... Susanne Friedric... Tim Baskerville_... Tim Baskerville_...
Tom Paiva_02 Tom Paiva_03 Troy Paiva_01 Tullio Deorsola_01 Tullio Deorsola_02
Tom Paiva_02.jpg Tom Paiva_03.jpg Troy Paiva_01.jpg Tullio Deorsola_... Tullio Deorsola_...