The Color of Night

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Best of Show

Bagdad Train
Warren Bates (U.S.)

What one Juror had to say:
"The subtle use of added lighting merely helps describe the story rather than become the story itself. I love the double meanings, depth and movement. That little wink of yellow light on the post is just right too..

Another Juror said:
"Wow! I love how this shot portrays the desolation of this place. There's the sign, the light trails and. well, a lot of nothing vanishing off into the distance. Excellent use of motion as the passing light trails imply that Bagdad isn't even a stop along the way anymore . . ."

Honorable Mention

Broad Street Bridge
Doug Miller (U.S.)

What one Juror had to say:
"Graphic, modern and bold. The blue and orange make my eyes vibrate with delight. I just get sucked right down into this image . . .""Viewing this beautiful series of arcs and reflections, I can imagine the photographer pacing back and forth, peering through the viewfinder until he spots the perfect composition. Full points for capturing this much depth and diversity of color under existing light!"

Honorable Mention

Untitled 2
Ryan Ketterman (US)

Honorable Mention

Night Work
Tram Davies (US)

Honorable Mention

The Light of Aurora
Vincent Wolf (Canada)

Curator's Choice

Reservoir 3
Reservoir 9
Reservoir 11

Geoff Day (Australia)