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Self-described 'reformed Nocturne' and Juror Lance Keimig of Boston ( had this to say about the entries to this exhibit, the awards he gave, and the selection process itself:

Best of Show - Water Safety
by Tom Morrow

"Tom Morrow's image "Water Safety" has all of the elements that make a night photograph great. I was immediately reminded of George Tice's famous photograph "Petit's Mobil Station." It seems appropriate that the Best of Show award goes to an image that intended or not is an homage to one of the greatest night photographs of all time.

"Petit's Mobil Station is a scene out of American history, identifiable at once in time and place, there is also a timeless quality to it. Visually and tonally rich, the ordinary brightly lit scene at the gas station is juxtaposed against the ominous water tower lurking in the darkness.

"There is something much more sinister about Tom Morrow's photo. The atmosphere is charged, the water tower is off in the distance, partially obscured by fog. Except in this image, the danger comes in the form of the fallen door in the foreground and the sign that reads, "Chlorine Gas." Careful lighting with a flashlight, and the leading line of the hose, pointing back to the water tower make this a powerful commentary on pollution and the destruction of the environment.

"It's a powerful image, and deserving of the Best of show award. "

Honorable Mention - Dark Star
by Brian Chapman

"'Dark Star' by Brian Chapman struck me immediately the first time I saw the image several months ago on Flickr. it has drama, mystery, great lighting, and successfully breaks the night photography rule of no black skies. Breaking rules is good, and clearly, Brian does it effectively here."

Honorable Mention - Fallen Roof Ruin, Cedar Mesa, UT
by Jerry Day

"Jerry Day's image, "Fallen Roof Ruin, Cedar Mesa, UT" plays homage to John Sexton's famous "Ceiling House" - but taken at night, and in vibrant, throbbing color. How can you lose? Like all of the winners, it has atmosphere, energy, drama, strong composition, and excellent technical execution."

Other Works worthy of Honorable Mention -

"There are so many outstanding images in this show, that I truly had a difficult time limiting the awards. Mark Jaremko's Lamp and Lit Doorway both stand out as classic black and white night shots, along with Teric farmer's Absconditus 3 and 4. Carol Henry's Presido gate also made a strong impression, as did DeAnna Foran's "Seattle Droplets". Of the color images, other photographs that held my attention were Joe Reifer's "Third Floor Looking Out", Natasa Radovic's "Rialto Swash", Todd Pizzini's "Orion Setting at Ruby Beach", and Sherry Glassman's "Shadows and Stones". I could have easily chosen all of these for an award.

"If there was a theme to the images that stayed with me, it was a connection to Night Photography on a broader level, a connection with images from the past, that whether we are aware of it or not have etched themselves in our collective nocturnal unconciousness.

"These images, and the many talented photographers who submitted work to this exhibit are tremendously encouraging that despite the radical and overwhelming transformation from film to digital in recent years, it's still about the image more than anything else. Digital cameras have changed the way that we look at, value, print, and of course take photographs forever, but ultimately it all boils down to the image itself, and the vision of the human being who saw it first in their mind's eye.

"Thank you Nocturnes, it has been a pleasure and an honor to review and comment on your work."

Lance Keimig
Boston, MA


Best of Show

Water Safety
by Tom Morrow (San Carlos, CA) ©2006

Honorable Mention

Dark Star
by Bria Chapman (Seattle, WA) ©2006

Honorable Mention

Fallen Roof Ruin, Cedar Mesa, UT
by Jerry Day (Southern CA) ©2006